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Post election problems…..

I love to rant. There’s a good reason for that and as we embark upon our journey together, I hope to find out why. I’m thinking it’s partly environmental, partly reactionary, but I remember always caring. Actually Really caring when I felt someone had been wronged. It would effect me, and I’d carry it with me, debating with myself how I could have changed it.

Many times as a kid I was too afraid to stand up and be counted, but as I grew into a young woman, I felt a responsibility to protect anyone who seemed vulnerable in any walk of life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no hero, we are talking about the tiny things, stepping in when things get fractious to prevent physical violence. Or calling someone out when they are being hurtful, particularly when it was because someone was ‘different’. Showing kindness and solidarity to the kid kept on the periphery of social acceptance.
I’ve made some terrible choices and mistakes in my life, as do most people on their journey to being a proper job adult. I’ve tried to help, and made things worse on more than one occasion, when naively I stuck my big beak in where it was neither wanted or needed. You live and learn. Now I’m pushing 40 I think I have the balance right, your instinct and judgement improves, and you realise that you have to live the change you want to see. 

To that end, I take no prisoners when it comes to inequality or prejudice in any of its guises. I will not stand by and validate what I passionately feel is unacceptable, by saying or doing nothing. I can not look away at casual racism, homophobia,sexism or any other ism you want to throw at me.

Which brings me to the point (finally you cry) …..this May the 7th insanity. It chills me to my core.

I read a lot. I talk a lot. I think a lot. I’ve been blessed with a medically interesting body, so find myself alone for large periods of time, despite having 4 brilliant children. When you have so much time, if you put it to good use you can learn an awful lot.

I’ve seen a sense of horror and sadness like never before sweep my little snapshot of society. That all the values we’ve spent our lives defending, are being hacked away at bit by bit. I love everyone, I judge no one on face value, but the horror of discovering that a huge swathe of your society, values ‘self’ over ‘all’, genuinely left me in tears.

How did we get here? Am I so naive that I missed something? The huge rise in fear mongering and hate spreading in recent history, most likely plays a part. Surely all those hundreds of people I know to be inherently kind, fair and compassionate aren’t a minority?

It was interesting that in my 8 year olds school, when they interviewed the candidates and voted, the overriding concern that all the kids had was ‘who will be fair and kindest?’

It says something when a gaggle of 6-11 year olds are smarter than millions of grown ups .

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