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The battle for Britain begins.

I awoke this morning to find social media full of pictures and stories of the anti austerity protest in London and Cardiff. I searched the mainstream media and found that largely these were minimally reported, and any mentions focused on the aggressive nature of a small number of protesters. Police statemeñts made it clear these were a minority, yet anyone relying on the ‘truthful’ word of the press, would see pictures depicting only angry hateful people. Because that’s what we are, right?

As in all walks of life, there will always be good and bad people. There is no political ideology, race, religion, age, gender or otherwise that makes you inherently bad, so when you have large groups of people, there is a fair chance an element will step over a line that would not be crossed by the majority. That line for me is violence. No matter how mad you feel, becoming aggressive is never the answer, and does a serious disservice to the majority.

The point becomes lost when someone graffiti s a war memorial, or throws something at a police officer. We all should know our media well enough to expect a sensationalised  version of events, so these kinds of actions will seriously undermine any progress being made. The right will once again begin the fear mongering, this time aimed at the antiestablishment , destructive, aggressive and bonkers left wing citizens, instead of Immigrants.

We are going to become the biggest thing to fear in Britain, mark my words.

When only 37% of a population vote in a majority government, there is an inherent vulnerability in that number. The perception of  other 63% must be carefully managed to maintain the status quo and enable the conservative government to go about its business unchallenged.

The battle for Britain will be won or lost in the media.

I’m all for activism; petitioning, engaging the apathetic in politics, protesting, but it has to be done within the restrictions of common decency. Without holding onto that principle at all times, you become the beast that you are trying to fight. The left must unite in peace  to stand any chance of pushing through Electoral reform, which will in turn bring balance back to British politics. It is more evident that ever how unhappy the majority of the population are. Change is undoubtedly on the agenda for a large proportion of Britain, and forcing this to happen is of the upmost importance.

To avoid being demonised and consequently ignored, this must be an organised, peaceful, persistent, protest. I feel very strongly that sharing stories, petitions ,and Information is a great place to start. Boycott business that avoids tax. Write letters and emails to your local mp. Share how the cuts and current government effect you, so people understand why this is such a huge deal, to so many people. Join up with other like minded people in your area to stand up against fascism in your community wherever it occurs. Act like, and treat others like human beings. Stand up for the oppressed whether you know them or not. These are all peaceful ways to let your voice be heard, that take minutes of your time.

The battle for Britain has begun, which side will you be on?

5 thoughts on “The battle for Britain begins.”

  1. Less than 24 hours after I wrote this, the petitions to sling the graffiti artist in jail have started. I’m seeing constant messages of fear and hate, concerned that people are out of control, and need to be firmly put in their place.

    And so it begins…. And people think the media has no power?


  2. It is so important that we don’t fit into the narrative the media is waiting for us to play into. Sadly, I do believe that much of the right wing press have their stock sentences that they literally churn out each time there is a protest, usually negative and never mind if it is true or not. I went on the demonstration in London when George W Bush had his state visit. We were literally hemmed in to a long road with a large wrought iron gate at the end (I simply cannot remember where) and were held there until Bush had safely moved away from Buckingham Palace. We were effectively locked in while helicopters circled above and only when they saw fit, did they let us out. It was terrible and a completely unjust way to treat a peaceful demonstration. We are always going to be considered in some sort of feral tree-hugging group. When they interview protestors, they always get then news with dreadlocks or piercings or pink hair, or multicoloured clothes – and I don’t have a problem with any of these things, but the the right wing press do. It makes these people an easy target. It wouldn’t matter how bright they were, if they paid their taxes, if they worked in a worthy job and had a family. Their appearance would be enough to judge and they would not be afforded the opportunity or time to explain. It starts with the press making severe changes within before the way protests are represented change. Great article and definitely a call to arms (for want of a better expressions) to keep them peaceful and take action into your own hands.

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    1. Absolutely agree. It’s such a shame that on both sides, ‘normal’ isn’t represented, as the media forces us both further apart in hate. It’s not just images of the left you describe, but also the shaven head thuggish right. They are polarising stereotypes.

      I’m about as normal and nondescript as you can get. I partake in multiple subculture, but it depends on the day of the week whether you would be able to call who I would vote for, by how I look, and the things I do. I just hope that all the people that fall in between these stereotypes get educated, and use their voice peacefully.


      1. This is a super cool collection of thoughts you’ve got:) really enjoyed reading it. Will my blog lead to yours as well, as they have definate overlaps of interest? If not let me know how 😄


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