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Creative Blogger (5 facts about me)

The amazing, and very talented Laura Barnes at , blogger of all things foodie and local, and content writer, has somewhat ridiculously nominated me for a Creative Blogger Award; a tag encouraging the blogging world  to share some personal info and increase our sense of community and appreciation for one another. I'm really grateful… Continue reading Creative Blogger (5 facts about me)

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The waiting game.

It has been three weeks since I sent off my mandatory reconsideration, and it's felt like years. I am stuck in limbo, unsure what my next move will be, I can do nothing more until I know my fate. The anxiety builds with each day that the post arrives, and I find myself sending my… Continue reading The waiting game.

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Walk on by…..

I am one of the 19% of the UK population who lives with disability. Yes, that's one in every five people live with a disability of some kind. To put it another way 11.9 million British people. Even I had no idea that the figures were so high. The word 'disabled' covers a broad spectrum of… Continue reading Walk on by…..

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Justice for all?

Today I wanted to talk about the cuts to legal aid. Unless you have been unlucky enough to end up in court in a non criminal case, you probably won't know what this is. Legal aid is a fund that provides legal advice and representation, and court fees, when you can not afford to pay… Continue reading Justice for all?

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My Fight Back Tool Kit

Thanks to a phenomenal response, I find my self in the luxurious position of being able to fightback. I have support. I have hope, I am now armed with information, ready for battle. The pen is, after all, mightier than the sword. Imagine if I hadn't posted 'crossing the line' and just accepted all I… Continue reading My Fight Back Tool Kit