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Creative Blogger (5 facts about me)

The amazing, and very talented Laura Barnes at , blogger of all things foodie and local, and content writer, has somewhat ridiculously nominated me for a Creative Blogger Award; a tag encouraging the blogging world  to share some personal info and increase our sense of community and appreciation for one another. I’m really grateful for her support, and validation, as I  really have no clue what I’m doing here, or if I’m worthy most of the time.

Five facts about me

This is a tricky one for me, as I write about such personal content. You already know that I am a mum of four, and more than I tell most of my friends about my life…. So I am going to go totally random.

I am a very proficient gamer, and have been most of my life.

My areas of excellence would be battlefield, halo, and other military organised battle games. Ironic as a total pacifist I know, but I enjoy the banter and skill it takes to strategise, communicate and operate as a team. For me being ill so much, Xbox live is a connection to the outside world, and the games present a challenge I can face. Of course there is a lot of escapism thrown in for good measure.

The next fact is that I am a keen wild swimmer, and more recently stand up paddle boarder.

With my health I have to try be as active as possible on my good days as it helps my immune system fight better on my bad. My upper body strength is particularly important as it helps me to hold my weight when my legs won’t work. I love the peace of being in or on the wild water, it’s amazing for mental health, and even if I only manage to float about a bit, or sit on my board, I always come back to land calmer and more positive. I’ve been known to cry out there, sing or scream and shout at whoever was responsible for giving me this life, but always I come home at peace with myself.

Fact 3 is that I became a mama 16 years ago in my final year of university.

That was a journey I can tell you. I graduated with a 6 month extension, and took my baby jake to class with me. I received amazing support and used to work through the night with a newborn to get my degree. I went on to do lots of other higher academic awards, but am still missing the PhD which is on my wish list for one day. The only thing you really need to succeed in anything I think,  is mental strength and plenty of support. I’m testament to that, I hope.

Number 4 would be that I am gluten free.

I jumped on the holistic health bandwagon, and have tried pretty much everything to try help my body. Most of it is nonsense as far as my personal experiences go, but cutting gluten has allowed me to drop two medications. My stomach lining is hacked to bits from 25 years of crazy medication, so trying to help it out seemed like a good shout, it worked and I have been GF for over two years. A basic test is to cut gluten for two weeks totally, then on the days after than, try one gluten thing a day, bread pasta etc, and document the whole thing in a food/ symptom diary. It’s a simple way to see if you have a reaction.

Lastly, I call myself Cornish, but didn’t grow up here.

I was born ‘upcountry’ and lived in Milton Keynes, then outside Southampton until 16. I have been resident in Kernow for 21 years and consider myself to be Cornish, although the actual Cornish would have something to say about that! My mum moved me at sixteen kicking and screaming to the arse end of nowhere, it was awful, but a few weeks in, and I was in love with the place. I can’t see us ever leaving. It is a great place to be skint as we have a wealth of beauty and space on our doorstep, and I will never take my home for granted. We are some of the lucky ones that look forward to coming home after a holiday! When we pass the welcome to Cornwall sign on the A30 we always cheer and shout Kernow Kernow!! Or Kernow bys vyken (Cornwall forever).

Blogs I love

As a recent member of the blogging community, I had no idea how many wonderfully written things there were out there. I think I’ve learnt more from blogs than I have from the newspapers lately… Here are some of my favourites.

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2 thoughts on “Creative Blogger (5 facts about me)”

  1. I just read ‘Learning to Live Again’ in The Big Book of Yes’ – you are a very inspirational woman, thank you for sharing some of your story with us, and I hope you continue to get stronger and you have lots of blessings coming your way Kirstiee 😊


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