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Taking the power back

I cried for most of Friday. I awoke to a Great Britain I didn’t recognise, one that I never saw coming and that scared me. We voted to leave the EU and redefine our position in the world.

My timeline went mad. I am mostly surrounded by other ‘bleeding heart liberals’ so mainly saw shock and outrage. There were those few that were a little smug and started wildly shouting ‘I vote leave and I’m not an uneducated rascist’. To be honest no one I saw said you were? As many have said in the last 72 hours, you don’t have to be a rascist to have voted leave, but all rascists would have voted leave. It’s naive to think that this vote wasn’t about immigration for a lot of people, although ironically it will have zero effect on immigration.

I have family and friends that voted leave. They are good people hoping that the nostalgic dream Britain they have been sold, will come to pass. I guess 52% of the country have  that faith, 48% don’t. That’s what it boils down to.

For me, I voted based on unity, the protection of the rights of all humans and the ideal that conflict should be worked through diplomatically, not run away from. I don’t really care if I’m honest, about money, or business or being a world leader economically. I want to be world leaders in multi culturalism, in solid public services, equality and paving the way to sustainability.

But everyone is different.

I respect that.

It can’t be argued that at this point we are in a No mans land. Nobody seems to really want to push the big red article 50 button in parliament. Democracy has spoken, agree or not, the button must be pushed as soon as possible, or it makes all this pointless. Friends and family, the whole nation, have been divided, and for what, if we don’t press it?

The major issue that I do have though, due to the horrific way the campaigns were run, is that people didn’t  seem to really understand what it was exactly they were voting for. Mostly it would appear, it was a vote for a land of unicorns and rainbows to become Great Britain. Well my friends, and I say this with little  smugness, you were lied to. Did me and millions like me try to warn you, that you were being spun a load of bullshit, of course we did, but you had faith. I respect that. Absolute faith that these guys were honest, true and were actually looking out for the greater good of our beloved country.

It turns out they aren’t.

It’s all been about individual power plays, and selling lies to further the agenda of individuals, starting with David camertwat who set this ball in motion to get himself the ultimate position of power, prime minister. I don’t think anybody on either side thought there was a chance in hell that the British public would vote to leave. And now what?

We have both major parties in total chaos and no one is steering our beloved ship.

The faces of the leave campaign have backtracked, admitted they sold lies and predominantly fucked off.

The financial sector is the biggest shit storm we’ve seen for decades. Might I remind you my friends that we have Been in austerity and a recession for the last couple of years. Why the fuck did we do this, just when we could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel? It makes no logical sense. Here come more tax increases and spending cuts.

The Bank of England yet again has used our money to bail the banks out, only this time, we have made it happen.

Our sterling is worth fuck all.

This ‘win’ doesn’t effect immigration.

There Is no extra money for the NHS.

We will remain part of the trade element of the European markets which costs us the same as EU membership but we have no voice in any decisions.

WE have decided to trust the people that just proved unequivocally to be dishonest, clueless, fucktards to get this ‘win’, to run our country 100%.

We have given the far right a bigger voice they feel (incorrectly but they don’t give a crap) is supported by 17 MILLION people. A 57% rise in xenophobic attacks, since friday 6 am and that’s just the ones reported.

The ‘united kingdom’ Looks likely to fragment, with our Celtic neighbours searching for pastures anew.

Whether we ever actually push the big red button or not the damage is done.

So stop friggin telling me to calm down, move on and think positively.

Politics, democracy, the fight for freedom and equality wasn’t a two day  exercise for some of us.  Where we all of you when we democratically voted in MEPs a couple of years ago? This was not just an issue that I cared about for a couple of days. To me this is part of my life. I wrote about politics, welfare, housing, equality for disabled and other minorites before the referendum and will continue to do so.

Housing, well there’s now no money for that now , awesome.

My human rights as a disabled woman will no longer be protected, thats totally awesome.

The NHS I rely on to stay alive is about to get sold off as we have no money, my kids think this is awesome.

The blame game is about to begin in earnest as people begin to feel the impact of this decision; civil unrest, how awesome.

I look forward to becoming the reason our country is broke again, it feels so friggin awesome.

So quite frankly let me have my moment to be pissed of and grieve the future I thought I had for me and my children.

Unlike many people it seems, who have slipped back to daily life, at least I am broadly researching,  reading, engaging and trying desperately to help us as a country unite and find a way out of this mess we’ve put ourselves in. I’m a member of a political party, I’m a member of the electoral reform society, I am petitioning, writing letters and trying to help us get what we really wanted, the power back by pushing for electoral reform and proportional representation. I take on xenophobic  fucktards where ever I find them online and in life, calmly, diplomatically and with love in my heart.

I don’t give a shit whether you voted to leave or remain, all of us should be working together now to build this ‘better stronger Britain’ that apparently we all wanted.

I’m trying to do my bit to ‘get Britain back’. What are you gonna do?

Please, if you have time visit thisiswhatyouhavedone.uk this site is acting as a portal to share experiences and positive actions taken in relation to brexit. Thank you.

8 thoughts on “Taking the power back”

  1. Your tolerance with regard to the ‘leavers’ is far greater than mine. Well constructed argument; well written yet my feeling of ‘statelessness’ does not diminish, don’t think it ever will.

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  2. On Saturday for the first time in over a year I ordered a takeaway delivered as my last ounce of energy had sodded off, it was delivered by a lovely Italian chap who stood at my front door looking very nervous, until I smiled and thanked him in my usual way “cheers luv” then he visibly relaxed, I thought mmm no he couldn’t have had any abuse surely? today I had my shopping arrive delivered by a Romanian chap yet again like the first he stood well back from my door and only relaxed and smiled when I joked where was the sun I ordered, I had to ask couldn’t just let it go again, yep he’s been asked when is he going home blah blah, I feel disgusted hurt incredibly sad and so flaming angry!! how could people have believed such utter rubbish!! ffs Camoron bullshitted about reducing immigration when he knew damn well he couldn’t! he LIED again.

    yes I expect this whole episode that’s turned the financial markets upside down will be blamed on the “welfare state” meaning us disabled will get repeatedly kicked financially via corrupt private firms working for the DWP Atos, Maximus and Capita and the unemployed will get doubly sanctioned for blinking therefor taking time out from job searches.
    I can’t wait to be told again you don’t need to use your shoulders to use a manual wheelchair, no that’s not a joke and is very true by god I wish I had recorded that assessment!

    To finish it off the careerists in the Labour party felt it was the right time to try and out the leader of the party, when this country is desperate to be led, for some calmness some words of hope and some sense in up coming negotiations so we aren’t completely shafted, they decide they are more important than the rest of the country, well thanks a f***ing lot for nothing.
    To damn right we will fight, I brought a child into this world I’ll fight for her and anyone else who wants to fight too!
    (sorry long rant)

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    1. Don’t apologise for having a rant; I don’t see any of the idiots who voted ‘out’ apologising for their stupid decision, so until such time do not apologise. . . . And I doubt any of the ‘out’ voters will ever apologise for what’s sure to come to bite us all on the backside, they’ll find someone/thing else to blame by then. Whilst we still can (!?) let’s speak our mind. . . .

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  3. I totally agree with everything you said! I was and still am so hurt, angry and scared for what the future has to bring for my daughter whose closest friends are polish however they voted out?? Weird


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