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Remembrance-From Falmouth to Omaha

As we head towards remembrance day and in my first year of official involvement in the towns activities, I wanted to write up a journey and story that I put together a number of years ago. We were going to visit Normandy and I decided to do some research and follow the footsteps of the… Continue reading Remembrance-From Falmouth to Omaha

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A New Hope

Its been a while since i reported on the land of me- mainly because i will do anything to avoid being in front of a screen these days.   Speaking with my currently chronically ill younger sister a few days ago, I realised how my relationship with my laptop and the internet has significantly changed… Continue reading A New Hope

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The start of something new: Head of the Dart 2019

Monday 4th February, 9 am. I hovered Over a button on my I pad, waiting, thinking-add to cart? This would be the moment of my biggest yes to date. At 14 years old, I was diagnosed with adult onset stills disease, a debilitating rare type of rheumatoid arthritis. I was told it was highly likely… Continue reading The start of something new: Head of the Dart 2019

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Becoming the Plastic Lady

My passion for the sea began some years ago now, when I was just a small child. We lived inland and I remember the excitement and the pure joy of peering over the car headrest on the way to our sea side holiday.  Competing to be the first to spot the ocean in all of… Continue reading Becoming the Plastic Lady

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Is it almost over yet?

Damn. Another year, another tough winter. I’m sure I must have been a bear or a hedgehog, or something possibly less tough in a former life. This morning came another day dragging my sore body out of bed, feeling sick, taking meds whilst continuing to do all that’s demanded of me on a daily basis.… Continue reading Is it almost over yet?

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Redemptive stories

It's a tricky thing to embrace being off work long-term. I'm sure people think, that would be amazing, but the reality is quite different: it’s lonely and tedious, obsessing over every nuance of your health. Every. Single. Day. Life was previously so full of things that gave me meaning, my job, my role as a… Continue reading Redemptive stories

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A daily dose of gumption: 5 small actions for a happier life.

The mind is a funny thing. It is seemingly endless in its ability to control our movements, desires and dreams. When you stop and think about it for a second, everything we do is controlled by this one muscle trapped inside our bony skulls. I dont like to think about it too much though, as… Continue reading A daily dose of gumption: 5 small actions for a happier life.

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Dear family you tubers.

We exist in a weird kind of love/ hate relationship you and I. On one hand, you give me a tool to motivate my four almost five year old to get shit done. She’s that obsessed with you all, she will pretty much comply to any of my demands- teeth, eating, dressing, tidying her room-… Continue reading Dear family you tubers.

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Loving yourself when life gets tough

I can't even begin to explain the changes and upheavals my little family has gone through in the last few weeks. I planned my family so spectacularly brilliantly, that multiple major life events crashed their way through September one after another, like the worst kind of new rollercoaster built to challenge all your senses at… Continue reading Loving yourself when life gets tough

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Slipping through my fingers

It was a blink of an eye ago, the day you became mine. My little silver backed gorilla, so angry at being ripped out of my safe warm belly and thrust into a world so loud and bright.  Was that really 18 years ago? 18 years ago you made me a mama. 18 years ago… Continue reading Slipping through my fingers