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Becoming the Plastic Lady

My passion for the sea began some years ago now, when I was just a small child. We lived inland and I remember the excitement and the pure joy of peering over the car headrest on the way to our sea side holiday.  Competing to be the first to spot the ocean in all of… Continue reading Becoming the Plastic Lady

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Is it almost over yet?

Damn. Another year, another tough winter. I’m sure I must have been a bear or a hedgehog, or something possibly less tough in a former life. This morning came another day dragging my sore body out of bed, feeling sick, taking meds whilst continuing to do all that’s demanded of me on a daily basis.… Continue reading Is it almost over yet?

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Love must Trump hate.

Like the rest of the world, i awoke to despair and confusion. How did we get from Obama to Trump as leader of the free world? I pondered awhile as to how this happened, but found that unlike with brexit, I wasn't shocked or surprised. We all saw this coming. The thing that i have… Continue reading Love must Trump hate.

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Taking the power back

I cried for most of Friday. I awoke to a Great Britain I didn't recognise, one that I never saw coming and that scared me. We voted to leave the EU and redefine our position in the world. My timeline went mad. I am mostly surrounded by other 'bleeding heart liberals' so mainly saw shock… Continue reading Taking the power back

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Musical memories, and the artists that saved us.

I'm learning to love myself again. All the flaws and idiocincracies that add up to me. Loud, bossy and incessantly talking. Quiet, reflective and sensitive. I have a huge issue with being boxed into a single character type, and person. Those that know me well, will confirm that in company I'm great at finding the… Continue reading Musical memories, and the artists that saved us.

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"I don't want you to go out anywhere on your own mummy, because the bad people might hurt you". These were the words my nine year old daughter uttered at bedtime on Monday night. I remember so clearly that feeling as a child when bad things happened, the overwhelming fear and concern for my parents… Continue reading #NotInMyName

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A system worth saving 

So I am one of the lucky ones. I see where tax payers money goes, and how well it can be used when put into the right hands. I'm currently sat waiting for my second brain scan in 8 months. This year so far I've seen neurology, rheumatology, cardiology, urology, dermatology, stroke and clinical immunology… Continue reading A system worth saving