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The Language of Fear

I have just returned from an epic mission driving from southern normandy, france, to deepest darkest cornwall. We made this joureny via the channel tunnel, and as with most Brits, we are anxious about what we might see and experience on the french side. As it happens, we were swept through seeing very little other… Continue reading The Language of Fear

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Please, see ME….

I'm coming off the back of a bad one. It's always strange when I have been stuck in the house so much. I almost get scared of the outside world, that something terrible is going to happen to me if I venture out into it. How will I speak to people? Will anyone even see… Continue reading Please, see ME….

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Rewriting History

So it came. I cried for an hour, overwhelmed with relief that my battle was won. I did it. I got the thin envelope. Four years until I have to do it all over again. In those moments I felt utterly invincible, like I had, for once, achieved great things. The reality is that I… Continue reading Rewriting History

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Get a f**king job

I made a decision in May, to stop being a voyeur of society, by keeping my discontent to my close circle of friends. Instead I felt ready to actually do something. It's all very well being an armchair politician, complaining about the ills that are cast upon you, but does it achieve anything? That said… Continue reading Get a f**king job

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Technology apocalypse 

This morning i had a terrifying glimpse into the future. A time where technology was defunct, and the masses wandered dazed and confused, unsure what they were supposed to do now. A merry band of angry men, rioted over lost time, and the inconvenience at having to talk to other human beings as part of… Continue reading Technology apocalypse¬†

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Finding the common ground.

Since May 7th 2015, I have found myself more focused than ever before. I made the decision to leap from the 'Someone really should do something about that' camp, to the 'I am going to try and do something about that', collective of like minded souls. It has been a fun journey so far, and… Continue reading Finding the common ground.

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Guilty pleasures

Im guessing by now you have pegged me as guardian reading, bleeding heart liberal, and you are partly right. It may suprise you to know that the paper I read most is (hangs head in shame) the daily mail. The daily fail, that benchmark by which so many British citizens set their ideology, and create… Continue reading Guilty pleasures