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Love beats hate

I have always been someone who feels empathy; I struggle to hide or control my emotions, and don't generally see this as a negative thing. I wear my heart proudly on my sleeve- if I'm sad you will see it in my eyes, and I've been told my joy is infectious. It baffles me when… Continue reading Love beats hate

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There’s f**k all wrong with her

I'm sat here broken and sobbing. I just had one of the most humiliating experiences a person can have, and the worst part? It won't be the last time. It's a sunny Tuesday afternoon. I've just had my hair done for the first time in a year; my boyfriend arrives tomorrow and we are off… Continue reading There’s f**k all wrong with her

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Walk on by…..

I am one of the 19% of the UK population who lives with disability. Yes, that's one in every five people live with a disability of some kind. To put it another way 11.9 million British people.¬†Even I had no idea that the figures were so high. The word 'disabled' covers a broad spectrum of… Continue reading Walk on by…..