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Redemptive stories

It's a tricky thing to embrace being off work long-term. I'm sure people think, that would be amazing, but the reality is quite different: it’s lonely and tedious, obsessing over every nuance of your health. Every. Single. Day. Life was previously so full of things that gave me meaning, my job, my role as a… Continue reading Redemptive stories

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Loving yourself when life gets tough

I can't even begin to explain the changes and upheavals my little family has gone through in the last few weeks. I planned my family so spectacularly brilliantly, that multiple major life events crashed their way through September one after another, like the worst kind of new rollercoaster built to challenge all your senses at… Continue reading Loving yourself when life gets tough

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Slipping through my fingers

It was a blink of an eye ago, the day you became mine. My little silver backed gorilla, so angry at being ripped out of my safe warm belly and thrust into a world so loud and bright.  Was that really 18 years ago? 18 years ago you made me a mama. 18 years ago… Continue reading Slipping through my fingers

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Hitting the wall

    I've just pulled a double all nighter. Unlike in the late nineties this wasn't all sex, drugs, rock and roll; more snot, baby crack and screaming. You I'm exhausted. In all honesty, exhausted doesn't even begin to cover it. Before my toddler became ill with a run of the mill viral infection, I… Continue reading Hitting the wall

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The 7 deadly sins of chronic illness and how to combat them

Life is tough enough without a chronic illness, but throw constant pain and exhaustion into the mix and make no mistake, you have a war on your hands. You find yourself conscripted for constant combat overnight; a never ending series of minor and major battles. You can not win them all, your mission must firstly… Continue reading The 7 deadly sins of chronic illness and how to combat them