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Redemptive stories

It's a tricky thing to embrace being off work long-term. I'm sure people think, that would be amazing, but the reality is quite different: it’s lonely and tedious, obsessing over every nuance of your health. Every. Single. Day. Life was previously so full of things that gave me meaning, my job, my role as a… Continue reading Redemptive stories

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A life worth living

I have been reflecting on my life a lot lately. Trying to work out my place, what I want from this life, who i am... I've spent a lot of time swimming and on the sea, walking the path toward enlightenment, hoping to free myself from the burdens I place on my own shoulders. I… Continue reading A life worth living

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Creative Blogger (5 facts about me)

The amazing, and very talented Laura Barnes at , blogger of all things foodie and local, and content writer, has somewhat ridiculously nominated me for a Creative Blogger Award; a tag encouraging the blogging world  to share some personal info and increase our sense of community and appreciation for one another. I'm really grateful… Continue reading Creative Blogger (5 facts about me)