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One foot in front of the other

I have been quiet for a while. As most of you know this tends to be because i am out living life as much as i can, going on adventures and challenging myself. Whilst this is true, on this occasion its also because i have been exhausted. Too exhausted to sit in front of my… Continue reading One foot in front of the other

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Flying on the wings of change

I think I'm finally finding my place in the world. I had no idea where this journey would take me when I embarked upon it, but I find myself with a new unwalked path ahead of me. I set out with no agenda other than to clear my head of the conflicting thoughts swirling around,… Continue reading Flying on the wings of change

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First cut is the deepest…..

Im frightened. I know pretty much everyone who didn't vote torie last Thursday, feels the same. I waited with baited breath to see where the axe would fall first, and felt sick to my stomach when the DWP access to work scheme was thrown into the coliseum on day one, to be ripped apart in… Continue reading First cut is the deepest…..