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When you look but don’t see

The hardest part of dealing with chronic illness has and will always be other people. Stupid right? It's not the pain or the sleepless nights. It's not the constant hospital trips and treatments. It's not the sickness and sadness that the life you thought you had, you have now lost. All of those things are… Continue reading When you look but don’t see

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Love must Trump hate.

Like the rest of the world, i awoke to despair and confusion. How did we get from Obama to Trump as leader of the free world? I pondered awhile as to how this happened, but found that unlike with brexit, I wasn't shocked or surprised. We all saw this coming. The thing that i have… Continue reading Love must Trump hate.

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If you fall in love with me…..

I became single last year. It was both terrifying and liberating. I'd been on my own for long periods before and that alone didn't scare me. There just seemed to be so many mountains to climb; juggling all the kids, my health, both physical and mental. I had no room for anyone else, and who… Continue reading If you fall in love with me…..

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There’s f**k all wrong with her

I'm sat here broken and sobbing. I just had one of the most humiliating experiences a person can have, and the worst part? It won't be the last time. It's a sunny Tuesday afternoon. I've just had my hair done for the first time in a year; my boyfriend arrives tomorrow and we are off… Continue reading There’s f**k all wrong with her

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Housing, homelessness and the crisis on our hands.

Currently you are not eligible for any properties. That's the message I have seen every Saturday, for the last 208 weeks. We ended up in our housing predicament, four years ago, having moved five times in four years. Three of those houses became student lets for a significantly higher profit, and two were sold on,… Continue reading Housing, homelessness and the crisis on our hands.

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A system worth savingĀ 

So I am one of the lucky ones. I see where tax payers money goes, and how well it can be used when put into the right hands. I'm currently sat waiting for my second brain scan in 8 months. This year so far I've seen neurology, rheumatology, cardiology, urology, dermatology, stroke and clinical immunology… Continue reading A system worth savingĀ 

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Get a f**king job

I made a decision in May, to stop being a voyeur of society, by keeping my discontent to my close circle of friends. Instead I felt ready to actually do something. It's all very well being an armchair politician, complaining about the ills that are cast upon you, but does it achieve anything? That said… Continue reading Get a f**king job