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Finding my fierce

It's been a while. There are many reasons for that, but the most important one is this. Living. I have been living. Life with chronic illness is a curious creature, that shifts like the tides throughout the year, only less predictable. When I'm gifted a good day, I have to grab onto it tightly with… Continue reading Finding my fierce

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Please, see ME….

I'm coming off the back of a bad one. It's always strange when I have been stuck in the house so much. I almost get scared of the outside world, that something terrible is going to happen to me if I venture out into it. How will I speak to people? Will anyone even see… Continue reading Please, see ME….

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Rewriting History

So it came. I cried for an hour, overwhelmed with relief that my battle was won. I did it. I got the thin envelope. Four years until I have to do it all over again. In those moments I felt utterly invincible, like I had, for once, achieved great things. The reality is that I… Continue reading Rewriting History