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Writing the next chapterĀ 

I'm in a time of huge change and turmoil. The pursuit of happiness has led me down a path that is new, terrifying and forcing me to really look at all elements of my life and health. Chronic illness in its essence is a scary, limiting thing, and it's very easy to become too afraid… Continue reading Writing the next chapterĀ 

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The Language of Fear

I have just returned from an epic mission driving from southern normandy, france, to deepest darkest cornwall. We made this joureny via the channel tunnel, and as with most Brits, we are anxious about what we might see and experience on the french side. As it happens, we were swept through seeing very little other… Continue reading The Language of Fear

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A life worth living

I have been reflecting on my life a lot lately. Trying to work out my place, what I want from this life, who i am... I've spent a lot of time swimming and on the sea, walking the path toward enlightenment, hoping to free myself from the burdens I place on my own shoulders. I… Continue reading A life worth living

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Flying on the wings of change

I think I'm finally finding my place in the world. I had no idea where this journey would take me when I embarked upon it, but I find myself with a new unwalked path ahead of me. I set out with no agenda other than to clear my head of the conflicting thoughts swirling around,… Continue reading Flying on the wings of change

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Don’t hold your breath

A month is up today. It has been a strange month, full of the usual highs and lows, birthdays and sick days, all underpinned by this constant feeling of nausea and fear. I have been stuck in this permenant state of 'poor me', as kind people ask me what the latest news is on my… Continue reading Don’t hold your breath