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Flying on the wings of change

I think I'm finally finding my place in the world. I had no idea where this journey would take me when I embarked upon it, but I find myself with a new unwalked path ahead of me. I set out with no agenda other than to clear my head of the conflicting thoughts swirling around,… Continue reading Flying on the wings of change

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Please, see ME….

I'm coming off the back of a bad one. It's always strange when I have been stuck in the house so much. I almost get scared of the outside world, that something terrible is going to happen to me if I venture out into it. How will I speak to people? Will anyone even see… Continue reading Please, see ME….

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Walk on by…..

I am one of the 19% of the UK population who lives with disability. Yes, that's one in every five people live with a disability of some kind. To put it another way 11.9 million British people.¬†Even I had no idea that the figures were so high. The word 'disabled' covers a broad spectrum of… Continue reading Walk on by…..

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Empire State of mind

Today I had a huge decision to make. Which version of myself I chose to present in my medical assessment with ATOS, on behalf of the DWP. Do I go in, with my usually sunny, positive disposition, and risk being told that I am obviously coping fine, or do I go in showing the vulnerable,… Continue reading Empire State of mind

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The power of perception

So what do you do? An innocuous enough question, bandied around in that truly British way upon meeting strangers. But how much do you or I ¬†assume when faced with the answer? I am a second chef in a seafood restaurant, and a single mother with two young children. I am the writer, producer and… Continue reading The power of perception