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A system worth savingĀ 

So I am one of the lucky ones. I see where tax payers money goes, and how well it can be used when put into the right hands. I'm currently sat waiting for my second brain scan in 8 months. This year so far I've seen neurology, rheumatology, cardiology, urology, dermatology, stroke and clinical immunology… Continue reading A system worth savingĀ 

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Rewriting History

So it came. I cried for an hour, overwhelmed with relief that my battle was won. I did it. I got the thin envelope. Four years until I have to do it all over again. In those moments I felt utterly invincible, like I had, for once, achieved great things. The reality is that I… Continue reading Rewriting History

Disability, Health and politics, Mama mifsud blog, mental health, Politics, The DWP series PIP DLA

The waiting game.

It has been three weeks since I sent off my mandatory reconsideration, and it's felt like years. I am stuck in limbo, unsure what my next move will be, I can do nothing more until I know my fate. The anxiety builds with each day that the post arrives, and I find myself sending my… Continue reading The waiting game.